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To keep up with the “war on drugs” State Legislators continually create and revise drug laws and penalties. As a result, a charge for drug possession can be complex and confusing. In the event that you are charged with a drug offense, hiring an experienced drug crime attorney is an important first step in protecting yourself against harsh penalties. In addition to large fines and jail time, a drug offense can result in a criminal record that follows you through your personal, educational, and professional life.

Whether it is a drug diversion program or suppression of evidence in your case, there are several legal options available to individuals charged with drug crimes. A knowledgeable Rhode Island Drug Charges Defense Attorney from Abilheira Law, LLC, will take the time to evaluate your case, explain all your legal options, answer your questions, and fight to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

Common types of drug offenses include:

Penalties for these crimes can have severe legal repercussions ranging from large monetary fines, drug counseling programs, probation, or jail time. A conviction for a drug crime may also have long-lasting consequences, like disqualification from employment and difficulty obtaining housing.

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Possession of Marijuana Offenses

As marijuana becomes more prevalent in today’s society, many individuals find themselves facing charges for possession of marijuana. The penalties of such a charge are determined by the amount you possess at the time of your arrest.

Penalties for possession of marijuana include:

  • Possession under one ounce: Non-criminal offense punishable by $150 ticket
  • Possession over one ounce: Misdemeanor offense that can result in a sentence of 1 year in prison and a $500 fine

If you have been charged with possession of marijuana, your Rhode Island drug offense attorney can protect your rights, your reputation, and your future. With aggressive courtroom representation, personal attention and honest advice, we have successfully handled cases involving drug charges throughout the state. We offer a free and confidential consultation, so don’t wait another moment to contact us. We want to be your bridge to justice.

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