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What Does it Mean to “Resist Arrest”?

It is unlawful for any person to use force or any weapon in resisting a legal or an illegal arrest by a peace officer.

Under State law, a peace officer is classified as:

  • A member of the Rhode Island State Police
  • An associate of the local or municipal police department
  • Rhode Island airport corporation police, capitol police, conservation officers
    and fire marshals
  • A recognized college campus security personnel
  • An officer who works in the sheriff’s department
  • The attorney general
  • A recognized investigator or correctional officer
  • A warden or sergeant

What Are the Penalties in RI?

Resisting arrest is a misdemeanor in Rhode Island. As such, any person found guilty of violating § 12-7-10 of the Rhode Island General Laws will face serious penalties. If charged with resisting arrest, you could be facing:

  • Up to $500 in fines
  • Imprisonment for up to one year.

If a person is found guilty of resisting arrest, a criminal conviction will appear on their criminal record. To avoid damaging your career, reputation and family, contact an experienced Rhode Island Criminal lawyer who can defend your rights in court. When you work with us, we carefully review every detail about your arrest. We draw from our extensive knowledge of the law to build a defense that stands strong in court. Whether through strategic plea negotiations or aggressive trial tactics, we work relentlessly to defend you!

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