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Have you previously been charged with or convicted of a DUI in Rhode Island? The experienced attorneys of our firm understand that DUI charges can complicate multiple facets of your life, including your ability to find employment, good insurance rates, housing, and even applying for educational aid and admissions.

Having a DUI on your record means that you can’t move forward with your life. Fortunately, you may be able to have your charge or conviction expunged with the help of our Rhode Island DUI expungement lawyers.

Am I eligible for an expungement?

If your DUI was dismissed, you will immediately be eligible for a Motion to Seal, so long as you do not have a prior felony conviction.

If you were convicted of a DUI and are a first offender with no other criminal convictions, you may be eligible to pursue an expungement. Our team of dedicated and aggressive expungement attorneys can help you understand the laws necessary for seeking expungements, and guide you through the process every step of the way.

DUI expungement requirements include:

  • If the DUI was a misdemeanor, the sentence must be completed five years prior to filing
  • If the DUI was a felony, the sentence must be completed ten years prior to filing
  • The petitioner must be a first time offender
  • The petitioner has not been arrested or convicted for an additional misdemeanor or felony
  • The petitioner has shown good moral character
  • The petitioner has been satisfactorily rehabilitated

Should you choose to file for an expungement, you must notify the police department as well as the Department of the Attorney General at least ten days before your hearing date. Additionally, if the court grants your motion, you will pay a $100 fee. It is important to note that while an expungement will free you from your past mistakes, should you be charged for a subsequent DUI, your expunged charge or conviction will still be considered when sentencing.

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