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At Abilheira Law, LLC, our Rhode Island criminal defense attorney is dedicated to providing each of our clients with comprehensive and effective legal representation. After being charged with a criminal offense, we understand that you are likely experiencing substantial fear and concern regarding your rights, your freedom, and your future. Additionally, you may be questioning who you can trust and who you should turn to for honest and effective legal representation. Due to the serious and sensitive nature of your case, we strongly advise you to contact our firm as soon as possible. Our criminal defense attorney in Providence, Allison Abilheira, has years of extensive experience defending the accused.

When you secure our supportive assistance, you can be confident that you have made the right choice. With our extensive experience and track record of success, we are fully equipped to handle your case. Our legal team will build a personalized defense strategy to defend your rights and protect your future. If you have been recently arrested, contact our Rhode Island criminal defense lawyers. We will fight to protect your reputation and record.

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Six Reasons to Choose Us


Our Rhode Island criminal defense attorneys have experience representing clients charged with crimes across RI and have developed strategies that will work for you. Don’t put your freedom in the hands of an inexperienced attorney - too much is at stake. Put our solid track record to work to get you the fierce representation that you deserve.


We will aggressively defend your rights both inside and outside of the courtroom. Our Rhode Island criminal defense lawyers use their knowledge of the law, the prosecutors, and the judges in our area to fight for you and negotiate for the best possible outcome. But, if the prosecution is unreasonable, we have no problem taking your case to trial and breaking out the boxing gloves. We are in it to win it for you!


We provide each client with an honest assessment of their case and the expected outcome. In law, there are never any guarantees, and any attorney who promises you an outcome is unethical. We honestly assess your case and spell out the possible outcomes of each potential strategy. We promise to be straightforward with you from the very first meeting to the resolution of your case.


Our Providence criminal lawyers care deeply about our clients and understand the impact a criminal case can have on their lives. We understand that there are always two sides to every story, so we listen carefully to everything you have to tell us. Your concerns are our concerns, and we pledge to fight hard for you because you are more than just a number to us. We truly care about your case and your future.


With two criminal defense offices in Providence and Warren, we are available to our clients 24/7 and believe in timely, consistent communication. Let’s face it, being in trouble with the law is an anxious time. The last thing you need is to be even more fearful because you can’t get a hold of your attorney and have no idea of what is happening with your case. We are available and promise to keep you updated every step of the way.


Our Rhode Island criminal defense lawyers achieve results for all of our clients based on their unique goals. You can clearly see that our results speak for themselves. In case after case, we achieve great results for our clients, and we will work hard to achieve the best possible outcome for your case, too. Let us put our experience and talent to work for you to achieve the results you deserve.

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Criminal charges can impact your life for years to come, which is why securing a strong RI criminal defense lawyer early on in the criminal process is crucial. Abilheira Law, LLC understands what you are going through and is here to provide qualified and aggressive legal representation. Retain our representation to safeguard your future and freedom.

Our Rhode Island criminal defense attorney is familiar with the constantly changing legal landscape in our state. As such, we frequently adjust our legal strategies to ensure that we are developing the strongest possible defense strategies for our clients. We care about protecting your reputation and work hard to provide one-on-one attention and support.

Do NOT Just “Plead Guilty and Get it Over With”

The Rhode Island criminal justice system is not for the faint of heart. Pleading guilty, unless you have already negotiated a compromise with the prosecutor, is like stepping into the ring against a prizefighter with your gloves at your waist. Remember, you have one weapon in your defense (if you know how to use it) that can be used to protect you from the notorious aggressiveness of Rhode Island prosecutors: the presumption that you are innocent until proven guilty.

The presumption of innocence will do you only so much good, however, without the ability to use it. And to do that, you’re going to need the assistance of an experienced fighter with intimate knowledge of just how the RI criminal justice system actually works. At Abilheira Law, LLC, we can guide you through the maze of complex criminal procedure and rules of evidence so that you have a fighting chance to win an acquittal or, if that is not possible, a plea bargain.

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Retaining an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in Providence Makes a Real Difference

Criminal justice statistics point consistently to an undeniable reality: criminal defendants who are represented by lawyers right from the start are typically treated far better than those who are not. The numbers indicate that, if you are represented by a defense attorney:

  • You are more than twice as likely to be released on your own recognizance (without bail);
  • If you are not released on your own recognizance, you are four times as likely to have your bail reduced;
  • You are less likely to be sentenced to incarceration; and
  • You are more likely to win a dismissal or an acquittal.

What We Can Do for You

If you have been arrested by Rhode Island or federal authorities, or if you are simply under investigation, we can provide you with critical assistance in the following ways:

  • We can prevent your legal rights from being violated while you are in custody, and we can record any violations that do occur.
  • We can protect you during questioning by the police or the prosecutor’s office.
  • We can gather admissible evidence in your favor before it disappears.
  • We can build a systematic defense that makes life as difficult as possible for the prosecutor.
  • We can take advantage of defenses that you might not even realize you have (the entrapment defense, for example).

This is no time to procrastinate or to “play it safe.” The criminal justice system in RI is adversarial, you have to come out fighting – and you need someone in your corner.

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The Criminal Justice Process in Rhode Island

What happens once my case gets to court in RI?

  1. Arraignment 
    Your arraignment is your first appearance in court where you will be formally notified of the charges being brought against you. You will then be asked to enter a plea. If you enter a not guilty plea, the judge will set bail, which will vary based on the seriousness of your criminal charge. You will then be given a pre-trial court date.  If you enter a guilty or nolo contendere (no contest) plea at arraignment, you will be sentenced and the case will be over. Doing this will rob you of your opportunity to fight the charges against you. It is not in your best interest to enter a plea of guilty or nolo at such an early stage in your case.
  2. Pre-trial proceedings 
    The pre-trial phase is arguably the most important part of the criminal process. During pre-trial, your Providence criminal defense lawyer will file for and receive “discovery.” The discovery packet will include the evidence that the prosecution will use against you, like photographs, videos, witness statements, test results, and more. After receiving this critical information, you will have the opportunity to review it with your attorney and discuss a defense strategy. While reviewing discovery, your lawyer may decide to do an independent investigation into the crime you have allegedly committed. Once you and your lawyer are satisfied with the discovery, your attorney will have a series of conferences with the prosecutor in an attempt to work out a favorable resolution in your case. Often, these conferences involve input from the judge as well, so it is important for your lawyer to be familiar with both the prosecutor handling your case and the judge assigned to your courtroom. The pre-trial phase ends in one of three ways. Either the case gets dismissed, you decide to enter a plea or the case is scheduled for trial.
  1. Trial 
    As a criminal defendant, you always have the right to go to trial. In District Court, a trial is held in front of a judge only. In Superior Court, your case is presented before a jury of your peers. You may also decide to waive your right to a jury trial and have you felony case presented only to a judge. During the trial, the prosecution has the burden of proof, which means that they must convince the judge or jury that you are guilty of the alleged crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Your Providence criminal defense attorney will have the opportunity to make an opening statement, cross-examine witnesses, present witnesses in your defense, and then make a closing argument. At the end of a trial, the judge or jury will render their verdict. A not guilty verdict means that you have been exonerated of all the charges against you and they are dropped. If you are found guilty, a sentence will be imposed by the judge. Juries do not impose sentences.
  2. Sentencing 
    If you are found guilty, a sentence will be imposed. This may include a combination of fines, restitution, community service, and counseling. Your sentence may also include a probation sentence, a deferred sentence, a suspended sentence, or a jail sentence. It is essential to hire a highly experienced criminal defense law firm in Providence to represent you, whether you are dealing with a DUI defense case, traffic violations, domestic violence, drug crimes, theft, gun crimes, or any other criminal offense.
  3. Appeal 
    After conviction, you may appeal your case if there are grounds to do so. At the end of a district court trial, there is an automatic appeal to the Superior Court, where you will have the opportunity to go to trial before a jury. After a Superior Court jury trial, you may appeal your case to the Rhode Island Supreme Court.

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When you’ve been arrested in Rhode Island, make no mistake about it, you are in a fight – and the stakes are high. Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony, a conviction can follow you the rest of your life – so don’t be too quick to jump at a plea deal. You have professional police officers and prosecutors trying to convict you of a crime, and you need a knowledgeable, experienced, and professional Providence, Rhode Island criminal defense attorney on your side!

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