Let a Rhode Island Domestic Violence Expungement Lawyer Help You Find a Fresh Start

Are past mistakes hindering your ability to find employment, housing, or education? If you have been charged with or convicted of a domestic violence crime and are looking for options for moving forward, our dedicated firm may be able to help. In Rhode Island, first-time offenders of domestic violence charges may be eligible for expungement or sealing of their criminal records.

To discuss your case and learn whether or not you are eligible for an expungement, contact our Rhode Island domestic violence expungement attorney.

When Can I Expunge a Domestic Violence Crime?

According to Rhode Island law, you must wait a specified period of time before you are able to file a petition to have your record sealed or expunged.

Waiting periods for domestic violence crimes are as follows:

  • Domestic violence charge dismissed- immediate, no waiting period to file a motion to seal
  • Domestic violence charge with a filing – three years from the conviction date
  • Domestic violence misdemeanor conviction – five years from sentence completion
  • Domestic violence felony conviction– ten years from sentence completion

The Expungement Process

In order to begin the process of expunging a domestic violence charge, you must file a motion with the clerk of the court where your charges were initially brought. After filing, you will be given a court date, at which time your request will be reviewed. You must notify the police department and attorney general of the hearing and appear in court on that date.

Generally, the court will consider whether or not you have shown good moral character and successful rehabilitation in the time since your domestic violence charge and whether or not you were a first-offender. If approved, your domestic violence charge will be erased from your public criminal record.

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