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If you have pled guilty to prior traffic violations, do not let a bad driving record follow you forever. Whether you drive a commercial vehicle or require a clean driving record for work, traffic offenses could decrease your chances of getting or keeping a job. At Abilheira Law, we have extensive experience handling expungement cases. As your legal advocate, we can help you achieve your goals.

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Expungement of Traffic Tickets in Rhode Island

Under Rhode Island law, § 31-41.1-10, all traffic violations shall automatically be expunged after three (3) years. However, with long lines and not enough staff at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), these automatic expungements are often overlooked. Our experienced Rhode Island Traffic Violation Expungement Lawyers can get these violations expunged from your record quickly and efficiently, so that you can move on with your life without the problems associated with a lengthy driving record.

Process for Expunging Traffic Offenses from Your Driving Record

You don’t have to live with old traffic violations on your driving record! You can take the following steps to expunge the offenses from your record.

  1. Order a Driving Abstract from the Rhode Island DMV to see which violations appear on your record.
  2. If traffic violations from over three (3) years ago appear on your driving record, enlist the help of an experienced Rhode Island traffic violation expungement lawyer
  3. File a Motion for Corrective Action with the DMV
  4. Make an appoint with a hearing officer at the DMV to argue your case

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Our trusted Rhode Island traffic violation expungement attorneys can help you obtain a clean driving record. Our attorneys are deeply invested in helping your achieve your goals; if your believe you’re eligible for expungement let us help you today.

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