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A theft crime in Rhode Island is defined as taking items, goods, or possessions of another person with the intent of depriving the owner. Shoplifting is one type of theft crime that involves taking merchandise from a store, without the owner’s consent, and with every intention of depriving the merchant.

Law enforcement takes theft crimes very seriously. That is why it is so important that you have a legal representative on your side. When you contact Abilheira Law, LLC, you can have our Rhode Island shoplifting defense attorneys fighting on your behalf.

Understanding Rhode Island Shoplifting Laws

You can be prosecuted for shoplifting if the State can prove that you:

  • Took merchandise that was clearly marked as “for sale,” with the intention of depriving the store owner.
  • Changed or removed the price tag of merchandise, with the intention to deprive the merchant of the full value of the item.
  • Placed merchandise in a different package or changed the tags to misrepresent the actual price or value of the item.
  • Removed a shopping cart from a store owner’s property

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Penalties for Shoplifting

Shoplifting can be considered either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances. A conviction for misdemeanor shoplifting could lead to jail time and hefty fines, while felony shoplifting carries more severe penalties.

These are the penalties for a misdemeanor shoplifting charge:

  • Fine of up to $500, no less than $50 or double the value of the merchandise
  • Jail for up to 1 year

The penalties for a felony shoplifting charge are as follows:

  • Fine of up to $5, 000
  • Jail for up to 5 years

For some charges, we may be able to work with prosecutors on a plea bargain or discuss the possibility of a diversion. In a diversion program, the charges would be dropped, provided that you fulfill certain requirements, such as carrying out community service, paying restitution to the merchants, or attending counseling.

As Rhode Island shoplifting defense attorneys, our job is to investigate your case and work towards the goal of getting your charges either reduced or have the case dismissed. We are knowledgeable and reliable, and can help you overcome any legal challenge.

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