Rhode Island Suspended License Lawyer: Colin B. Foote Act

Codified under Rhode Island General Law 31-27-24, the Colin B. Foote Act was introduced in response to the tragic death of Colin Foote, who lost his life in a car accident. The goal of the Act is to identify and punish drivers who habitually break traffic laws in Rhode Island.
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When does the Colin B. Foote Act affect a driver?

The Act is triggered once an individual is convicted of four (4) separate and distinct moving offenses within an eighteen (18) month period.

What are “moving violations” in Rhode Island?

For the purposes of the Colin B. Foote Act, codified in Rhode Island General Law 31-27-24, the term “moving violations” means any violation of the following sections of the general laws:

  • 31-13-4. Obedience to devices
  • 31-14-1. Reasonable and prudent speeds
  • 31-14-2. Prima facie limits
  • 31-14-3. Conditions requiring reduced speeds
  • 31-15-5. Overtaking on the right
  • 31-15-11. Laned roadways
  • 31-15-12. Interval between vehicles
  • 31-15-16. Use of emergency break-down lane for travel
  • 31-17-4. Vehicle entering stop or yield intersection
  • 31-20-9. Obedience to stop signs
  • 31-27.1-3. “Aggressive driving”

What penalties does a driver face under RI’s Colin B. Foote Act?

As a result of violating the Act, drivers are subjected to severe sanctions including:
  • Fine up to one thousand dollars ($1,000)
  • Sixty (60) hours of driver retraining- a course which costs approximately $800
  • Sixty (60) hours of community service
  • License Suspension up to one (1) year
  • License Revocation up to two (2) years

What should I do if I think I am subject to a license suspension under the Colin B. Foote Act?

Unfortunately, many drivers in Rhode Island are unaware of the Act and the serious consequences it carries. As a result, drivers often pay fines to avoid unnecessary trips to the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal not realizing they are actually admitting guilt and are getting dangerously close to accumulating four tickets in eighteen months. Often, drivers are surprised to hear that they have become violators of the Act and are subject to losing their license.

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