Rhode Island Adult Diversion Program

Today, even one criminal conviction can spell disaster for your family, your job and your future. Fortunately, Rhode Island has a program available for first time nonviolent felony offenders which could result in a dismissal of your charges. Established in 1976, the Rhode Island Adult Diversion Program serves as an alternative to criminal prosecution and with the goal of reducing recidivism among offenders.

In order to be considered for the Rhode Island Adult Diversion Program, one must meet two eligibility requirements:

1. Be a first time felony offender

2. The crime must be of a nonviolent nature

However, there are several factors that could make one ineligible for the program:

– The presence of a lengthy juvenile record

– A lengthy criminal history

– A finding of guilt on two or more unrelated misdemeanor charges

To become a participant in the Adult Diversion Program, one must first complete an application and interview with the Rhode Island Department of Attorney General.  The Department of Attorney General will make an eligibility decision based upon one’s employment history, criminal history, education, physical health, alcohol and/or drug use, and counseling history.

Once accepted into the program, one must abide by the terms of a participation agreement. Typically, participants must complete community service, pay restitution, and partake in counseling.  The Attorney General may also impose other conditions upon participants in the program. Violating the terms of the agreement will result in a hearing with the Director of the Adult Diversion Program. At that time, the Director will decide if the participant will continue with the program or if the case will return to prosecution. If one fails to complete the program, they will no longer be eligible to have the case dismissed.

Upon successful completion of the Rhode Island Adult Diversion Program, participants are eligible to have their case dismissed. This allows successful participants the opportunity to start fresh without the lifelong stigma of a criminal record.

If you believe you are eligible for the Adult Diversion Program, contact the criminal defense lawyers at Abilheira Law today, who will guide you through the application and screening process.  Upon completion of the Adult Diversion Program, the Rhode Island expungement lawyers at Abilheira Law will file a motion to seal the charged offense.  Call today to schedule a free, confidential consultation.