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school bus traffic ticketsWith students going back to school, school buses are out on the roads and Rhode Island drivers need to be aware of the laws on stopping for buses. Violations of school bus laws can lead to heavy fines and licenses suspensions. If you have received a school bus violation ticket, call the skilled Rhode Island traffic violation attorneys at Abilheira Law today and read below for the answers to many frequently asked questions.

When is stopping for school buses required?
In Rhode Island, drivers must stop before reaching a school bus when the bus is activating flashing red lights.

Who needs to stop for a school bus?
On a two-lane road, vehicles on either side of the road must stop. On a multi-lane road, vehicles in all lanes on both sides must stop.

How are school bus tickets prosecuted?
In Rhode Island, many school departments have armed their buses with video monitoring systems that record violations. These summonses will include the court date for the owner’s appearance at the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal.

Included with the summons will be photographs and/or videos of the alleged violation and statements from the officer who viewed the evidence and found probable cause to issue the summons.

What if the owner of the vehicle was not the operator at the time of violation?
In Rhode Island, there is a presumption that the registered owner of the vehicle is the operator photographed passing the school bus. Therefore, the owner is primarily responsible for all violations. Owners must either accept responsibility for the violation by paying the fine or they must provide the issuing police department the name and address of operator at the time of the violation.

What are the penalties for passing a school bus?
Upon conviction of a violation Rhode Island General Law § 31-51-2.2, a driver will face a civil fine between $250 and $500 and/or suspension of his or her driving license for up to 30 days.

Can a good driving record be used to dismiss a school bus violation?
Rhode Island law prohibits drivers from using their good driving record to dismiss school bus violations.

Will a school bus ticket impact my driving record and/or insurance?
In Rhode Island, school bus violations are not considered moving violations and are not reported on your driving record or your insurance company.

Are there any defenses available to fight school bus violations?
Yes, a skilled Rhode Island traffic ticket attorney can successfully defend against a school bus violation. There are several defenses that can be raised in court to fight the ticket. If you have received a school bus violation, call the Rhode Island traffic ticket lawyers at Abilheira Law today for a consultation and evaluation of your case, 401-245-5100.