At one point or another, most of us have been on the wrong end of a traffic ticket. Abilheira Law’s last blog provided a useful guide for interpreting your traffic ticket and utilizing Rhode Island’s Good Driving statute. This week, we will be discussing the Colin B. Foote Act and the implications it can have on your privilege to drive.

Codified under Rhode Island General Law 31-27-24, the Colin B. Foote Act was introduced in response to the tragic death of Colin Foote, who lost his life in a car accident. The goal of the Act is to identify and punish drivers who habitually break traffic laws in Rhode Island.

The Act is triggered once an individual is convicted of four (4) moving offenses within an eighteen (18) month period. As a result of violating the Act, drivers are subjected to severe sanctions including

  • Fine up to one thousand dollars ($1,000)
  • Sixty (60) hours of driver retraining
  • Sixty (60) hours of community service
  • Suspension up to one (1) year
  • Revocation up to two (2) years

Unfortunately, many drivers in Rhode Island are unaware of the Act and the serious consequences it carries. As a result, drivers often pay fines to avoid unnecessary trips to the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal not realizing they are actually admitting guilt and are getting dangerously close to accumulating four tickets in eighteen months. Often, drivers are surprised to hear that they have become violators of the Act and are subject to losing their license.

Before pleading guilty to what you think is an insignificant traffic ticket, contact the qualified and experienced Rhode Island Traffic Ticket Lawyers at Abilheira Law, to make sure you are not in jeopardy of losing your license.

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