Rhode Island Spousal Support Attorney

In Rhode Island, alimony or spousal support is designed to provide support for your spouse for a reasonable length of time so the recipient has the opportunity to become financially independent and self-sufficient.

Alimony is an important aspect of a divorce settlement agreement and is often times one of the most contentious points of disagreement. If the parties cannot come to a resolution, a judge will make the final decision on the appropriate amount of alimony. The judge’s decision will be based on several factors including:

* The length of the marriage

​​* The conduct of the parties during the marriage
​* The health, age, station, occupation, amount and source of income, vocational skills, and employability of the parties

​* The state and the liabilities and needs of each of the parties.

* Whether the party is the primary physical custodian of a child whose age, condition, or circumstances make it appropriate that the parent not seek employment outside the home, or seek only part-time or flexible-hour employment outside the home​

* Whether the party took on homemaking responsibilities to the extent to which any education, skills, or experience of that party have become outmoded and his or her earning capacity diminished

​*The time and expense required for the supported spouse to acquire the appropriate education or training to develop marketable skills and find appropriate employment

​* The probability, given a party’s age and skills, of completing education or training and becoming self-supporting

* The standard of living during the marriage

*The opportunity of either party for future acquisition of capital assets and income

​* The ability to pay of the supporting spouse, taking into account the supporting spouse’s earning capacity, earned and unearned income, assets, debts, and standard of living

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