Rhode Island Post-Conviction Relief Attorneys

In today’s judicial system, it is common for someone accused of committing a crime to enter into a plea agreement without knowing the consequences of their decision. With the potential to impact your career, family life, and immigration status, accepting a plea agreement should be a carefully thought out and well informed decision. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and people inadvertently accept a plea that impacts their way of life. Post-Conviction Relief provides individuals with the opportunity to vacate a criminal conviction or modify a criminal sentence. This remedy is often available in situations where the accused did not fully understand the nature of the charges against them and the consequences of entering into a plea agreement. Whether you are facing deportation because your lawyer failed to warn you about the immigration consequences of your plea or you believe that your attorney was not effective, the Rhode Island Post-Conviction Relief Attorneys at Abilheira Law have the experience to handle your case. Before submitting an application for post-conviction relief, a qualified attorney should review all relevant court transcripts, recordings, and files to determine whether you are eligible for this remedy. This process includes the preparation of a legal memorandum in support of the application, which could potentially result in a hearing before a judge. To determine if you are eligible for Post-Conviction Relief, call the attorneys at Abilheira Law today for a free consultation, 401-245-5100.