Rhode Island Appellate Attorneys

After the dust has settled and your trial is over, you may come to the realization that the result is not what you anticipated. Here is the good news, a judge’s finding or jury’s ruling is not always final.

In Rhode Island, once a judgment is entered in your case, you have a right to request a review of the ruling or verdict by an appellate court. You must file a notice of appeal with the Rhode Island Supreme Court within 20 days of the ruling to begin the appellate process.

The appeals process is very different from trial. During an appeal, no new evidence or testimony will be admitted. Instead, the case is reviewed by appellate judges to determine if any errors occurred during the trial which may have impacted the verdict or sentencing. The judge will review a “brief” written by your attorney and may hear “oral argument” on the contested legal issues in the case. For these reasons, it is important to choose an appellate attorney who is competent at legal research, writing, and
oral advocacy.

The Rhode Island Appellate Attorneys at Abilheira Law are dedicated and proficient appellate attorneys who are knowledgeable in criminal law and will take the time to present the best possible appeal in your case. The Abilheira Law Appellate Attorneys have the experience and skills to ensure that your appeal is handled timely and properly. Contact the Appellate Lawyers at Abilheira Law today, 401-245-5100.