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Many commercial truck drivers find themselves driving through Rhode Island, only to be pulled over by the State Police and issued a traffic ticket for “obedience to traffic control devices.” Not only do these traffic tickets carry heavy fines, but they can have serious repercussions on your CDL and employment. If you are facing a ticket for obedience to traffic control devices, call the experienced Rhode Island Traffic Ticket Lawyers at Abilheira Law today.

What does Obedience to Devices include?
Under Rhode Island General Law § 31-13-4, all drivers are required to obey the instructions of any official traffic control device applicable to him. These traffic control devices include, but are not limited to:

  • Red lights
  • Stop signs
  • Weight limits
  • Axle limits
  • Prohibition of trucks, trailers and campers in the two left lanes of travel

Commercial truck drivers are commonly charged with this offense after traveling in the “third lane” of Route 95, where signs are posted prohibiting trucks from the two left lanes. This is confusing to truck drivers not familiar with the area, as most states only prohibit truck drivers from the left-most lane.

What do the police need to prove in “Obedience” cases?

In cases involving weight limits, axle limits, and left lane violations, the State must testify to the following to meet their burden of proof:

  • The specifications of the defendant’s vehicle and whether or not it met the requirements of the traffic device
  • The language of the particular sign and how the defendant disobeyed the language
  • That the motorist drove by the sign

Note that the State does not need to prove that the driver actually saw the applicable sign to sustain the violation.

Why should I hire a Rhode Island Traffic Ticket lawyer?

The skilled Rhode Island Traffic Ticket attorneys at Abilheira Law help individuals fight their tickets at the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal on a daily basis and have the experience to help you. When you retain our firm we will help you avoid costly fines and we will waive your appearance at the mandatory hearing, so that you do not need to travel to Rhode Island.

You can rest assured that our defnese attorneys will aggressively defend you to ensure that you do not receive penalties on your commercial driver’s license that could lead to consequences with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and/or employer. When your career is on the line, let Abilheira Law be your bridge to justice.

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