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Common Defenses to DUI

In every DUI case, the prosecution has several elements that they must meet in order to convict someone of the charge. When you retain the representation of our Rhode Island DUI attorneys, we conduct a thorough investigation of your arrest to expose any errors or violations of your rights.

Common defenses include:

  • Lack of reasonable suspicion to initiate a motor vehicle stop
  • Improper administration of Field Sobriety Tests
  • Improper administration of Chemical Tests/Breathalyzer
  • Failure to fully advise motorist of their rights

Reasonable Suspicion

The prosecution must prove that the arresting officer had reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle. Typically, officers have reasonable suspicion to pull you over if they observe a minor traffic violation. For example, running a stop sign, swerving between lanes, and speeding. However, an anonymous tip is not enough for an officer to pull over a vehicle for suspected drunk driving.

Administration of Chemical Tests/Breathalyzers

For chemical test results and breathalyzer results to be admissible, the prosecution must prove five basic elements. First, they must prove that the motorist consented to the test. Second, the prosecution must prove that a true copy of the results were mailed to the motorist, within a certain period of time. Third, the State must prove that the test was performed according to the methods and equipment approved by the Department of Health, which includes taking two samples within fifteen (15) minutes of each other. The fourth element requires the prosecution to prove that the machine was tested within the last 30 days and the officer who administered the test was certified within the last year. Finally, the motorist must be given the opportunity to have their own independent test done.

Rights During and After a DUI Stop

An individual charged with a DUI must be informed of several rights including the Miranda rights, the right to be examined by a doctor, the right to refuse to submit to a chemical test, and the right to a confidential phone call. Additionally, a suspect must be notified of the consequences of refusing to submit to a breathalyzer or chemical test. Recently, several DUI cases in Rhode Island have been amended or dismissed based on officers using an incorrect or inaccurate rights form.

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