Abilheira Law is proud to announce that this August, attorney Allison Abilheira graduated from the prestigious National Criminal Defense College (NCDC) Trial Practice Institute.  This two-week program occurred just miles from Abilheira Law’s Warren office at the Roger Williams University School of Law in Bristol, Rhode Island (which also happens to attorney Abilheira’s alma mater).

Attorney Abilheira was one of the thousands of criminal defense practitioners from around the country who applied to participate at NCDC and one of only one hundred (100) participants chosen.  In addition, attorney Abilheira was one of the few private criminal defense attorneys who attended NCDC, as most participants came from public defender offices.

During the rigorous training, nationally renowned trial lawyers taught advanced trial skills and techniques such as:

  • Developing case theories that guide the defense strategy and trial theme
  • Arguing compelling motions in limine
  • Using jury deselection to get the best possible jury for each specific case
  • Presenting persuasive opening statements to alert jurors to the defense theory and theme
  • Cross-examining prosecution witnesses
  • Direct examinations of criminal defense clients
  • Making timely objections and properly preserving the record for appeal
  • Closing arguments that win cases

These skills and techniques were not taught just through lecture, but with “on your feet” style learning.   All participants were split into small groups of eight, with whom they worked for the duration of the program. Four cases involving bank robbery, murder, and sexual assault were then assigned to participants.  For the entire two-week program, participants “worked” their case from start to finish- as though they were actively preparing and having a trial.  Each aspect of the case mentioned above was performed by each participant on their case.  They were then critiqued by their faculty member and other group participants. This process changed participants’ trial preparation process, as well as their style and delivery during the trial.

NCDC - Final LogoThe NCDC Trial Practice Institute was a transformative experience that has changed attorney Abilheira’s forever.  The skills, connections, and friendships gained throughout NCDC are sure to last a lifetime.

As always, the attorneys at Abilheira Law are dedicated to providing zealous advocacy to all of our criminal defense clients.   Each client receives individualized attention, a unique defense strategy, and the highest level of professionalism and dedication.   If you are in need of a criminal defense attorney with a trusted reputation in the community, look no further than Abilheira Law.  Call our attorneys today, 401-245-5100, and get our attorneys on your side today.